About us

After thirty years plus of service to health care professionals, BioActive Nutritional, Inc. continues to develop, formulate, and distribute natural based products. Having started with a product line of four botanical remedies, BioActive Nutritional, Inc. currently offers several hundred proprietary products. Our new formulations result from being continuously informed of the latest research in the area of phytotherapy, homeopathy, and nutraceuticals. Growth and stability in the natural therapies marketplace is the hallmark of BioActive, driven by products that perform and produce positive results.

Homeopathy is a proven medical discipline practiced throughout the world for more than two hundred years. The medical treatment of choice in many cultures, homeopathic remedies are receiving renewed recognition within mainstream North American culture. After seventy-five years, homeopathic remedies are re-emerging to an educated American health consumer. Daniel G. Clark, M.D., chief formulator of BioActive’s products and the Company founder, has more than forty years of medical field experience. Among Dr. Clark’s area of professional expertise are alternative treatments for chronic disease, Chelation Therapy for heavy metal detox and Homeopathy and Phyto Therapy for chronic disease. Dr. Clark’s work in disease treatment led to a receipt of the Academic Award for Scientific Research in cancer presented in Rome, Italy in 1984 and subsequent designation as a Physician of the Year Award recipient in 1988 from the IACVF Chapter in Florida.

Since 1987, BioActive has maintained a strong commitment to its customer, the health care professional. BioActive’s benchmark continues to be its investment of significant time, money, and efforts for customer education. The educational seminars and materials produced by BioActive key in on the logic of a homeopathic approach, the remedy as a stimulator of the body’s inherent immune system.

Homeopathic remedies continue to be a treatment of choice as immune system crippling disorders have become commonplace. BioActive formulations, developed under the spagyric process for improved bioavailability and delivery to the body’s targeted defense systems, will stand at the forefront of this process. Through continuing research, refinement and redevelopment of formulations and their delivery systems, BioActive intends to be a leader in a broad spectrum of natural base health products.

The most repeated phrase at BioActive is the one echoed by our customers “Your Products Work.” We intend to keep this as our calling.

Daniel G. Clark, M.D. (1949-2018)

Chief Formulator