Announcing an Upcoming PNET Training with Dr Rose Fischer, DC, RN. July 15, 2017

Monday, August 29, 2016

BIOActive Nutritional & Institute of Quantum & Molecular Medicine Presents:

PNET – (Psycho Neuro Emotional Testing) –  Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N.

  • Accessing the Human Computer to determine treatment priorities. (Muscle Testing Training)
  • Host: Dr. Rose Fishcer, D.C., R.N.
  • CEU Acupuncture Credits applied for

This learning segment is two parts. One is an online training of a live seminar that happened in Florida Oct 15-16 2016. Part 2 is a recap and a live seminar that will reinforce what you have learned online and give you the hands on training you will need to be fluent in this technique. All of which is part of the PNET Training Dr Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N. is very proud of and has made her practice successful in helping her patients the best she can and now she can share it with you and help you become successful.

Here you will have the opportunity to learn from a group of highly trained doctors on topics Such as:

1) Psycho Neuro Emotional Testing (Muscle Testing) & Certification –  Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N.

  • How Muscle Testing Coorelates with BIO Communications Symptoms and Electrodermal Screening Devices
  • Accessing the Human Computer to determine treatment priorities and acupuncture dificiencies
  • 5 Elemental Theory

PNET – How this Technique Utilizes Specific BIOActive Nutritional Protocols

  • 5 Steps to Wellness BIOActive Nutritional Protocol
  • BIOFlower – 12 Soverign Muscle Testing Technique for Emotional Support

2) Causes of Diseases and affects on Meridian System- Daniel G Clark, M.D. – (Online only)

3) Theory of Homotoxicology – How homeopathic affect Immune Mogulation and Detoxifying Mechanisms. Use of how Homeopathic Detoxifiers & Drainers affect the meridian system – Daniel G Clark, M.D. (Online only)

  • Reason why our detoxifiers work better than the rest of competition out there.

4) Overview of the Clinical Appraisal Indicator (Symptom Survey)  –  Dana McGrady, AP, DOM (Online only)

5) Zyto & EDS2000 Presentations on how we use the equipment – Dana McGrady, AP, DOM & Rose Fischer,  (Part online)

  • How we are utilizing these devices in our practice
  • Teeth Coorelation to PNET- Using the EDS 2000


 Syllabus for Saturday July 15, 2017-

8AM-9AM – Introduction to PNET and recap of online training with – Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N.

9AM- 11:00AM –  PNET (Psyco Neuro Emotional Testing) TRAINING Session Recap 1 & 2 –  Basic PNET Muscle Points, Functional muscle testing to determine priorities and protocols. Anatomy, Physiology & Acupuncture point locations. Review of meridians. How Nutritional supplementation affects meridian and autonomic nervous system response. assessing the affects of proper Hydration on the meridian system-  Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N., Neuro Endocrine Reflex Stress and acupuncture points.  Poster Sets Review. Lecture & Hands On (Anatomy and Physiology – Brief discussion of the endocrine and neurological systems and related acupuncture systems)-(triple warmer, paracardium, alarm points)

11:00AM-11:15AM BREAK

11:15AM – 12:30PM –  PNET TRAIING Session 3 (hands on recap)-  Organ Stress Test Points, alarm points and balancing affect of supplementation on meridian systems. (Glands and Nutritional needs of each Organ System.) – Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N.

12:30PM-1:15PM Lunch Break

1:15PM-3:15pm-   PNET Training Session 4 (Hands on recap)- Chronic Degenerative Disease Points, Chinese alarm points, Neuro Vascular points, with indicator reference products challenge (Detoxifiers) and suggested Drainers affects on balancing meridian systems. – Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N.

3:15PM- 3:30PM  BREAK

3:30-5:30 –  PNET Training Recap –  Relationship between ZYTO software and PNET, PNET – Here we will go through all the teqniques to make sure we have all of them down. Rememeber we will have already have completed the online training as a prerequisite to the course so this will all be a refresher and hands on training. – Rose Fischer, D.C., R.N.


Limited Seating Available. $197 Early Registration. $300 in June. Reserve Today!



We are pleased to announce our Conference on July 15, 2017 at the

Courtyard by Marriott St. Louis Airport

10700 Pear Tree Lane | St. Louis, MO 63134

Direct: (314) 423-9700

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